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3/26/2016 1:12:38 PM

1st spotted bass, fishing on the bottom in about 4 fow

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Spotted Bass

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    1. cperry12 0
      No....it's a fish @EthanKitter99
    2. EthanKitter99 0
    3. marshallb116 0
      Yeah @cperry12
    4. cperry12 0
      Really?? @EthanKitter99 @marshallb116
    5. marshallb116 0
      I held it 😆
    6. EthanKitter99 0
      Hey I was there!!!!
    7. cperry12 0
      That and I bet it's full of eggs @FingerlessFillmon
    8. FingerlessFillmon 0
      That fish must be eating good, got a big ol belly on him lol
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