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3/25/2016 3:28:25 AM

Went tics eland and saw this 3.39 pd bass it ain't big but still cool

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. jake Callicott 0
      Lol yea its cool @beagles
    2. Beagles 0
      O man I feel like a jackass now sorry bro @fishermanpro123 no hard feeling right
    3. jake Callicott 0
    4. jake Callicott 0
      Not you thw guy that said you should pot pictures of fish u catch
    5. Beagles 0
      I ain't being a dick I just said that I posted it cause I thought it was cool really trying not to be smart buddy sorry tho @fishermanpro123
    6. jake Callicott 0
      You dont have to be a dick dude
    7. Beagles 0
      It may not be a fish I caught but its still a fish that I thought was cool to post @herdholland3
    8. Beagles 0
      Thanks man I will @tacticalscissors
    9. tacticalscissors 0
      Hey bud I think your post are awesome keep it up
    10. herdholland3 0
      Why don't you post a pic of a fish u catch this is called fishing crew not nature crew
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