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3/22/2016 5:46:20 PM

This is a vermillion rockfish aka on the west coast "red snapper". The light wire circle hooks and braid make it a breeze to catch fish in deep water. Making drifts over hard bottomed areas with large structures. Fish were biting better drifting over structures. When we anchored there was little action. Fishing in 280 fow. Water temp 62. full moon.

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Black Rockfish
Long Beach

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Double dropper loop size 1 hayabusa light wire circle hooks squid strips 10oz lead 50lb braid 20lb mono


    1. 9G3B 0
      @cperry12 thanks man
    2. 9G3B 0
      @seaturtles man it's like a box of chocolates! I'll tag you in a cool looking one
    3. cperry12 0
      So cool
    4. Sean Wilms 0
      The diversity of rock fish y'all have on the west coast is fascinating
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