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3/2/2016 4:49:49 PM

last night we decided to do a little fishing, and on my 5th cast I Stuck this little chunk, planning to do a lot more fishing in onion creek.

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Largemouth Bass
Barton Creek

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    1. LaRodney Brown 0
      Where is good fishing on onion?
    2. aggiefisherman45 0
      @TCave just had it Texas rigged
    3. TRafferty 0
      Onion has some Giants if you can find them.
    4. Tripp Cave 0
      Nice how did you rig it @aggiefisherman45
    5. aggiefisherman45 0
      It was at onion I just messed up :/
    6. callumsparrow 0
      you put Barton creek. was this in onion or Barton? and text me 512-970-1892 I need to tell you something about onion
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