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Tim Knecht
3/1/2016 6:35:32 PM

The season has finally started for me and my lil buddy. Bite was tough and although I didn't land any my lil dude got his first of the year. I was casting it out for him and he was reeling it in all by himself...and doing great. He hooked into this guy and fought him to the bank before I helped him land it. He was so stoked!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
La Plata Ponds

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    1. Tim Knecht 0
      @BIGsmallie thanks dude!
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      @MulletHead thanks brotha!! He sure is man...just gotta work on casting this year and he will be good to go...awesome and sad all at the same time haha
    3. Paul Lukas 0
      Way to kick things off!
    4. Gabe Mitchell 0
      That's awesome! Kiddo is getting big
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