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Jacob DeRamus
2/18/2016 1:27:31 AM

Nice 3 lb 13 oz bass from today. Had seen this bass on its bed the last few times I had been to the park, but finally got it to bite today. Also caught two other small males. Mostly small males on beds, not too many females.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
New Orleans City Park

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    1. steveaux 0
      Seriously? That's terrible... We ALWAYS catch and release
    2. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Man that just pisses me off. People keeping fish in a park just doesn't make any sense to me. Too many people do it over here. @xBIGxEASYX
    3. Tommy Snyder 0
      Unfortunately, 2 guys out there keeping today. Saw one catch a 2lb right as I got there. One other guy said he had a few and one was about 4 lbs.
    4. steveaux 0
    5. steveaux 0
      Damn, been out there the last four weekends and I can't make it this weekend
    6. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Yeah there are a lot but they're mostly small males. And I mean SMALL. It's been a struggle just to find a male bigger than a pound @jace_oulliber
    7. Jacob DeRamus 0
      They should start showing up this weekend @steveaux
    8. Jace Jace 0
      Are there a lot more on beds now than a few weeks ago
    9. steveaux 0
      How much longer do u expect the males to stay on the beds? More females should start showing up soon, right?
    10. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Haha no problem man. Thanks. @xBIGxEASYX
    11. Tommy Snyder 0
      I just finishing telling my wife that I need a shirt like yours. Thanks for the tip, you're a great angler I enjoy following
    12. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Yeah you should be able to catch her as long as you wear camo and make sure that the bass can't see you @xBIGxEASYX
    13. Tommy Snyder 0
      Land her
    14. Tommy Snyder 0
      Nice fish!!! I saw one about that size on bed today but she stayed away, maybe I can be as persistent as you and go back and lab he
    15. King_Fisher 0
      I suppose you're right I would have just wrote 4! Lol
    16. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Well it was 3lb 13oz so it was just about 4 pounds @King_Fisher
    17. King_Fisher 0
      Awesome fish! She looks more than three to me!
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