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2/13/2016 3:12:15 PM

what a good way to start this morning! 13-14in long. guessing it's 2lbs?

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 text me when you head out 512-368-1547
    2. fly_fisherman 0
      4, could've caught 7 but hook didn't set right
    3. nathan456 0
      How many have u caught ?
    4. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 to try to get that one fish I've been trying to catch right now lol
    5. nathan456 0
      Why the net
    6. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 by the way, do you happen to have a net with a long handle? If so I would bring it
    7. fly_fisherman 0
      sweet! Hit me up when you head out today. 512-368-1547
    8. nathan456 0
      In couple hours and maybe tomorrow
    9. fly_fisherman 0
    10. fly_fisherman 0
      that's cool. when you wanna head up there ?
    11. nathan456 0
      I'm 16 so
    12. fly_fisherman 0
      are you available tomorrow? i can join you@nathan456
    13. nathan456 0
      I think I'm going to head up there in a couple hours
    14. fly_fisherman 0
      cool. @nathan456 this one is like almost 2 ft long. took sone pics with my DSLR camera in case i cant catch it
    15. nathan456 0
      I seen some huge koi in there
    16. fly_fisherman 0
      @nathan456 just saw it again, I'm going to try to catch it to snap a pic
    17. fly_fisherman 0
    18. nathan456 0
      Idk where that pond is , doesn't look familiar. I think u saw a huge koi fish that are in there
    19. fly_fisherman 0
      yep@nathan456 and just saw a huge yellow carp!!!
    20. nathan456 0
      Walzem ponds again ?
    21. fly_fisherman 0
      yes sir! @MulletHead
    22. Gabe Mitchell 0
      What an awesome start to the weekend
    23. fly_fisherman 0
      thanks @Antman33
    24. Antman33 0
      Nice one
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