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1/24/2016 1:20:46 AM

First cast hooked into something big and it snapped my 8# test so I respooled with 12# and about 10 minutes later I hooked some line and felt something heavy on the end of it, I didn't realize it was mine until I saw the fish with my hook and worm in it, removed hook without problem and released fish and it swam off strong

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Largemouth Bass
Friendswood Ponds

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    1. jddavis76 0
      @MulletHead thank you so much, sorry to bother you this late
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Thanks for reporting! We'll look into and take swift action.
    3. jddavis76 0
      ⬇️⬇️⬇️ @MulletHead
    4. jddavis76 0
      Can you please ban this guy bud? @MulletHead
    5. jddavis76 0
      Let me know when you have a pair of balls and actually could fight somebody with out getting the snot knocked out of you @Peacock_bass_master
    6. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Lol youre only 2 years older than me you should try la fitness it works white fat albert
    7. jddavis76 0
      Yeah bud I'm sure you did, you outta be going to bed, it's past little boys bedtime @Peacock_bass_master
    8. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Well ive carried youre mom when shes bouncin so i think i can carry more than ten
    9. jddavis76 0
      Actually I think you should hit the gym and lift some weights, that way you can pick up things over 10 pounds @Peacock_bass_master
    10. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Hey you look like the bass in the stomach hit the gym you might lose a couple
    11. jddavis76 0
      You take 19 minutes to make a comeback and that's the best you can do? Tell me does it hurt being that stupid?
    12. Peacock_bass_master 0
      You probably need shampoo you prob smell like fish why you're say booty hurt fat bitch
    13. jddavis76 0
      Oh my gosh dude best comeback ever, it's people like you that require instructions on shampoo bottles @Peacock_bass_master
    14. Peacock_bass_master 0
    15. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Dude i got a new account look at my old one @angler10 you fat queer and the onyl person who cries is youre girl cause i smash her to hard
    16. jddavis76 0
      @Peacock_bass_master ⬇️
    17. jddavis76 0
      You really got me there dude I'm going to cry now like you probably do, let me see here, now how many followers do you have? And maybe it's because I'm ...more 6 foot 5
    18. jddavis76 0
      Oh gosh did
    19. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Oh shoot my bad youre just overweight and only have 1 follower😂😂😂😂 gordo
    20. jddavis76 0
      Definantly check the profile pic @Peacock_bass_master
    21. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Youre like 40 stfu pussy
    22. jddavis76 0
      Hey guess what there buddy, I'm 15 @Peacock_bass_master
    23. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Shutup old man
    24. jddavis76 0
      You look like it@Peacock_bass_master
    25. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Not 8 though
    26. jddavis76 0
      Like I said too young for that language @peacock_bass_master
    27. Peacock_bass_master 0
      Im 13
    28. jddavis76 0
      4 judging by your immaturity but 8 judging from your pictures@Angler10
    29. jddavis76 0
      4 judging by your immaturity but from your pictures about 8
    30. Angler10 0
    31. Angler10 0
      How old do you thunk I am
    32. fishinwyatt 0
      No croaker
    33. King_Fisher 0
      That's crazy!
    34. jddavis76 0
      That's a size 15 shoe by the way for reference
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