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Jonathan Smith
1/2/2016 4:59:11 AM

First decent fish of 2016. Went just shy of 3lbs. Overall a slow day...this was the best of 2.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Austin (Austin)

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    1. Jonathan Smith 0
      @tmoonatx this was about 1/3 mile east of the low water crossing. Was mostly focused on docks. Definitely been slow though.
    2. nobama 0
      I just texted u. Did u get it?
    3. tmoonatx 0
      I've been having no luck right now there
    4. tmoonatx 0
      Where on lake austin
    5. Salvador_Whitaker 0
      Ah man still sounds better than mid 30s😬 heck of a dog you got in your profile pic btw
    6. Jonathan Smith 0
      @Salvador_Whitaker Little chilly...haha. Water temp was between 52 and 61. I caught this one in 58°...and about 7' deep. Had no luck near the low water ...more crossing.
    7. Salvador_Whitaker 0
      What's the weather like down there right now
    8. Jonathan Smith 0
      Hey man! Just been working around the house lately. How've you been?
    9. nobama 0
      What's up. Long time no see.
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