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Marcus Lane
12/8/2015 4:48:20 PM

Cool evening, light clouds and wind, clear water. Started with a chartreuse chatter bait and missed one on the 1st cast, got him on the second (very small) and hung up and broke off on the only stump in the lake on the 3rd cast. Switched to the flirt worm. Casting as far as I could to dying submerged grass. Worked it w a small tick of the rod tip trying to stay in the grass. Got 3 - hit on pause

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Birmingham Ponds

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    1. SSNoah 0
      I do the 1/2 oz Zman. If they don't hit the silver chatter tie on a gold, even if it is the same color skirt and trailer! I still love my soft plastics!
    2. SSNoah 0
      @stagefight I do the 1/2 oz Zman. Crazy but if they don't hit a silver chatter, tie on a gold chatter...might even be the same colors.
    3. Marcus Lane 0
      @SSNoah nice to be out again - going to have to go buy some more chatter baits, that was the only one I had!
    4. SSNoah 0
      Man you sound like me finding the only stump and tossing spending 3 bucks a cast! Sounds like a great day! Nice work.
    5. SSNoah 0
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