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Marcus Lane
11/29/2015 5:00:30 PM

Whew - life has caught up w me lately and but a big hold on my fishing habit. Longest stretch (all most 2 months) without fishing in my adult life. Got in the water for a few this weekend - only 1 to show for it - she may be small but I'm thankful I had the opportunity to catch her. Cast to submerged brush and slowly ticked it back - let it fall between ticks. Hit on a pause.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Birmingham Ponds

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    1. Marcus Lane 0
      @SSNoah thanks! Glad to be back and hope to post more soon!
    2. SSNoah 0
      Welcome back Pro!
    3. Marcus Lane 0
      @Matthew_L Thanks, glad to be back!
    4. Matthew_L 0
      Nice to see you back
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