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Bob Bob
11/23/2015 9:07:00 PM

Went to this creek yesterday and had a tough time catching fish with @bOb123456789bob we caught a few catfish and some spotted bass this one was mine. But we have a hard time catching them we were out there for a long time. This creek also has drum and gar im pretty sure but havnt seen or caught any yet in this spot. The water is always fast flowing which makes fishing harder and there is no bank

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Spotted Bass
Grapevine Lake

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    1. Harrisonmcmahan 0
    2. Brett Sultemeier 0
      Try a small strike king spinner bait or a jig with a tube for a trailer that's what I have my luck in
    3. Bob Bob 0
      Thanks I have some but I havnt tried them yet but I will @treypotter
    4. treypotter 0
      Worked for me in ponds
    5. treypotter 0
      That has a weed guard on it, it has work
    6. treypotter 0
      For bass I recommend a 3 inch brown sinko wacky rigged with on a little shiner hook
    7. Bob Bob 0
      And the catfish were caught off of no this is not a typo gummy worms!😂
    8. Bob Bob 0
      At all how could I catch fish here and what should I try to do I only got one on minnows the rest were on cranks also very snaggy and I have a small area to fish ...more any tips? There are also sand bass
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