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Steve Mueller
11/21/2015 12:29:35 AM

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Ft. Lauderdale Coast

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    1. Steve Mueller 0
      Nothing official. Estimate 350-400
    2. 305tillidie 0
      Yep it's a sword,, rare to find a Marlin off ft. Lauderdale anyways would have to be further east by the Bahamas ...@officersweet did u get a weight looks like ...more a biggen
    3. Steve Mueller 0
      I'm pretty sure I know the difference. I've caught both. But thanks for your input......
    4. Steve Mueller 0
      It's not a Marlin. Swordfish ..........
    5. TroTro 0
      You can always change your blurt by pressing the upper ↗️
    6. TroTro 0
      But nice catch
    7. TroTro 0
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