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11/6/2015 1:09:16 AM

The one on the left is a Shimano caenan on a 7ft medium Abu Garcia vendetta rod with 15pound trilene flourocarbon. (Crankbait rod) The one on the right is an Abu Garcia Revo SX on a 7ft medium heavy Abu Garcia vendetta rod with 30pound spiderwire braid. (Frog/jig rod)

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. guy_harvey_bass_boy 0
    2. David Yanez 0
      Nice! Revo SX is the next reel I'm getting but the HS version. I'm a big fan of Abu Garcia.
    3. tacticalscissors 0
      I really like them they are solid rods and will last you a long time @kjack707
    4. kjack707 0
      @tacticalscissors how do you like those vendetta abu rods? I was just looking at them the other day and thought about buying one..
    5. ethan_aaron12 0
      Haha ya I tried a left handed reel once and it did not go so well
    6. tacticalscissors 0
      No I have been practicing throwing both its a little stressful but I'm getting the hang of it @ethan_aaron12
    7. ethan_aaron12 0
      So I am assuming that you don't have a problem switching between left and right hand reels
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