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Andrew Orton
10/28/2015 1:38:56 AM

These are just more pics from the storm. There is more info on the previous blert.

Catch Details

Other Saltwater
Galveston Bay Complex - Other

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    1. Andrew Orton 0
      You will also catch some reds this time of year as well. @chancehuiet
    2. Andrew Orton 0
    3. Andrew Orton 0
      Yeah I know someone who catches a ton on them. The surf was really calm today.
    4. Andrew Orton 0
    5. Andrew Orton 0
      It should calm down by then but if you need a nother place to catch flounder all the jetties in the Seawall are lined up with them. All you have to food throw out ...more a live finger mullet
    6. packin_hammers98 0
      Thanks. Should be over there Friday or Sunday if you wanna join
    7. Andrew Orton 0
      It was bad this weekend but the surf was flat today. @packin_hammers98
    8. packin_hammers98 0
      How the weather over there now? Me and some buddies were gonna go to surf side this weekend
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