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10/26/2015 4:21:42 AM

Went on a two day fishing trip in Matagorda a couple weeks ago w/my co-workers & my manager. Fished in East Bay & limited out on trout with 20ea, also caught 2 black drum plus a nice 26" red on our first day. Had a hard time pinpointing the trout due to no wind or water movement. Needle nose gar were a nuisance & kept stealing our bait all day. Finally found the trout in 3-4FOW over a small reef

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Spotted (Speckled) Trout
East Matagorda Bay

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    1. gr82bstr8 0
      @cvflyer yep, used one barb & hooked the shrimp under their horn
    2. cvflyer 0
      Treble hook and shrimp?
    3. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Solid Haul Great Info