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Andrew Orton
10/25/2015 10:58:38 PM

Well... Hi Patricia! I live in Galveston, Texas and my docks got torn up. My fishing pier broke off the bulkhead, my floating dock broke, and my boat dock got badly damaged. My neighbors boat got destroyed and there is wood everywhere. On the good side, two yeti coolers washed up.

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Other Saltwater
Galveston Bay

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    1. tmoonatx 0
      there goes the new golf cart
    2. tmoonatx 0
      Oh god
    3. Andrew Orton 0
      I live close to harbor side drive next to the Galveston side of the causeway but yesterday I was by lafitte cove and the water in the street connected to the bay. ...more Water went up to my knees. @tmoonatx
    4. tmoonatx 0
      my house is in laffetes cove
    5. tmoonatx 0
      Are you close to the country club?
    6. Andrew Orton 0
    7. Andrew Orton 0
      The market is exactly where I'm at. @tmoonatx
    8. tmoonatx 0
      I'm on the west side and I haven't checked my house yet
    9. tmoonatx 0
      shi..... what side of the bay are you on?
    10. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Ouch, sorry for your losses bud
    11. Drew72 0
      Bad news. Some of my fishin' buds were feeding me reports of 17' swells west of you.
    12. Txfisherman713 R 0
      Wow man that sucks brotha..
    13. cvflyer 0
    14. uflores80 0
      Two free yeti coolers! Lol
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