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10/5/2015 11:48:01 PM

Granddaughters 1st trout taught her to cast by the road that morning. Was back on a June morning.

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Brook Trout

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    1. love it
    2. CreekWalker 2
      for her it was🙂, thank you!
    3. Danielle Leonardo 2
      Great catch
    4. CreekWalker 1
      & her uncle @streamstalker deserve most of the credit for teaching her to cast in small places:-)!
    5. CreekWalker 0
      @TopWater, She's a fast learner but thank u!
    6. CreekWalker 0
      @hi_im_bob_i_say_hi Ya, gave her the choice to let it go or keep it she wanted to eat it. :-)
    7. hi_im_bob_i_say_hi 2
      You keep it
    8. TopWater 2
      Nice job
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