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9/26/2015 10:36:21 PM

Fishing a set of oyster reefs catching three limits of trout in about two hours! Biggest trout being 24 inches an smallest trout being 15 1/2! Overall great day of fishing once we limited on trout we hit the marsh to wade for some redfish but they were just not there!

Catch Details

Spotted (Speckled) Trout
East Matagorda Bay

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    1. Chris Gagnon 0
      good job
    2. Nice haul!
    3. Bryant7 0
      I don't know either fish_destroyer
    4. fish_destroyer 0
      idk how to
    5. Bryant7 0
      Yes @fish_destroyer
    6. fish_destroyer 0
      Can I dm u?
    7. Bryant7 0
      No it was a 22 foot all white boat center consle! @fish_destroyer
    8. fish_destroyer 0
      was it a maroon boat? jh? @Bryant7
    9. Bryant7 0
      Then we were fishing right next to him lol @fish_destroyer
    10. fish_destroyer 0
      yep @Bryant7
    11. Bryant7 0
      Were they Wade fishing? @fish_destroyer
    12. fish_destroyer 0
    13. fish_destroyer 0
      @Bryant7 my uncle was fishing there today also. they caught a limit of 5
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