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Bob Bob
9/14/2015 2:45:12 AM

So went to the small little creek behind my house and I saw this guy swimming at the surface I think he was sick but he didn't seem that great. So anyways this is very wierd because I have never seen one in the creek and it was acting wiered and ate a bare hook. It was an odd catch anybody have an idea what's going on

Catch Details

American Shad
Flower Mound Ponds

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    1. Bob Bob 0
      Haha @loganlane
    2. loganlane 0
      Bare hook? Sounds like a suicide:)
    3. Zachary McLeod 0
      Maybe parasite
    4. tacticalscissors 0
      Well that's a pretty big shad
    5. gavinck 0
      Bet it was a bass
    6. Bob Bob 0
      @tacticalscissors Im not sure what because nothing in there is big
    7. tacticalscissors 0
      Looks like something got a hold of him and he got away
    8. John Tellier 0
      zombie shad??? lol
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