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Blake wolf
8/30/2015 6:49:25 PM

two and a half pound bass that I hooked in the toung and the it started bledding

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Cypress Ponds

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    1. Blake wolf 0
      I was waiting to see if he was on
    2. JBBone 0
      no i let you no you had it u didn't even no u had him and JBBone me was guiding all of y'all
    3. Blake wolf 0
      whatever by putting it in the net
    4. JBBone 0
      i helped you catch that boy
    5. Blake wolf 0
      we had to weight it so my brother did in the gill
    6. tritonbass 0
      Tongue, seems a little fishy.. Never seen that much blood from the tongue
    7. Tanner Swett 0
    8. Blake wolf 0
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