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cooper marchetto
8/30/2015 5:55:31 AM

got my replica mount of the 12 lber back from Lake Fork Taxidermy! i highly reccomend them they did an awesome job!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Ray Roberts

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    1. BassHunter1 0
      @Cooper_Marchetto how do they make a replica?
    2. BassHunter1 0
    3. BassHunter1 0
      How do they makes replica cooper_march
    4. cooper marchetto 0
      @FISH_FEST yeah they did a really great job with it!
    5. Collin Collin 0
      And its a replica?!
    6. cooper marchetto 0
      thanks @jurssica @KingCisar im really happy with it!
    7. cooper marchetto 0
      thanks fellas im really happy with it!
    8. jurssica 0
      That is actually a great mount. I've seen some poor ones. Great fish!
    9. Christian Cisar 0
      and great catch man
    10. Christian Cisar 0
      Dude that is awesome lookin
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