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8/26/2015 12:01:59 AM

For all the carp and buffalo haters, here is a stunning 47 pound buff! CPR

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Smallmouth Buffalo
Lake Walter E. Long

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    1. redfish_majek 0
      Haha the big ones are not as easy to catch as everyone may think πŸ˜‰.
    2. I love carp. Now if I could only catch one.
    3. redfish_majek 0
      Thanks brotha! @jakepats135
    4. eric james 0
      Respect βœ‹! Man I couldn't agree more, keep doing what your doing and catch some monsters!
    5. redfish_majek 0
      I encourage anyone who hates carp to read this article.http://www.flyfishohio.com/cyprinus_carpio.htm
    6. redfish_majek 0
      I encourage anyone who hates carp
    7. redfish_majek 0
      I encourage everyone who hates carp to read this. :) http://www.flyfishohio.com/cyprinus_carpio.htm
    8. redfish_majek 0
    9. redfish_majek 0
    10. redfish_majek 0
      Opinion and leave my carp post alone lol
    11. redfish_majek 0
      Opinion and leave my carp
    12. redfish_majek 0
      Bass? Who needs more? Everyone and their mom catches big ones out of here.. Same with carp. In my waters carp are fine but I don't know about your situation ...more and I really don't care. Just take your
    13. redfish_majek 0
      There area lots of big bass and small bass and I know this because I catch big bass on rod and small bass in my cast net all the time..if all the carp are gone what ...more would change just more
    14. redfish_majek 0
      Oh well good for me then I guess!! :)) you can say what you want but it doesn't change the fact that I see large populations of bass and carp living together ...more in my home lake.. I bass fish a lot also
    15. redfish_majek 0
      Ok good for
    16. Scotty Scotty 0
      Oh they are powerful fish but they just out compete everything, even if everyone killed every carp they ever caught the population will never drop
    17. redfish_majek 0
    18. redfish_majek 0
    19. redfish_majek 0
      I have caught my fair share of nice far but it's just not as fun as carp fishing to me.. Ill post some gar pics later.. Got search for them.
    20. redfish_majek 0
      I have caught my fair share of nice sized gar I will
    21. redfish_majek 0
      A run for their money in terms of fight. I don't eat any fish..I fish for the sport. I would fish for gar more but it is a task to capture them and release them ...more safely because of the rigs used
    22. Scotty Scotty 0
      Prly not most people dont, walleye is delicious bass tastes like shit sometimes, n u cant fix a bio mass problem without thinning the herd and big bass dont get ...more much more then 20lbs either
    23. redfish_majek 0
      Nah I actually fish for everything here In Texas.. Just so happens I moved to Austin and we have a world class carp fishery here.. Caught a few really large ones ...more and must say they give some salty fish
    24. Scotty Scotty 0
      Weill i hope u dont go catch carp lol u got gator gar down there in texas n ur fishing for carp well that seems like more of a waste, u eat carp?
    25. Scotty Scotty 0
      Well i hope bot
    26. redfish_majek 0
    27. redfish_majek 0
    28. redfish_majek 0
      I'm gonna spend my whole life searching for a 20lb fish woo!!!
    29. redfish_majek 0
      Catch those big ones? Probably not to often....
    30. redfish_majek 0
      Walleye get how big maybe 20 pounds for a HUGE one.. Lmao.. I wouldn't spend my time searching for a fish that maybe might grow to be 25 pounds max.. Just a ...more waste of time.. How many people ever even c
    31. redfish_majek 0
      Than any invasive species could ever do. Instead of killing all the carp you see..people should learn how to preserve and take care of their fisheries and you wouldn't ...more see as much decline of species
    32. Scotty Scotty 0
      N hence y our rivers are murky n over run with carp^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lmfao rather have carp then walleye?!! Wow carp hugger fo sho
    33. redfish_majek 0
      In small waters carp can be invasive and damaging to other species. In bigger waters.. Lakes.. Rivers there is very minimal impact of any. By the way humans do WAY ...more more damage to waterways and fisheri
    34. redfish_majek 0
      And for anyone who thinks a buffalo is a carp... It's not!
    35. redfish_majek 0
    36. redfish_majek 0
    37. redfish_majek 0
      Well here in Texas huge common carp and huge bass live together and grow huge together no problem. Similar to how you don't care much for carp.. I really don't ...more care about a school of small walleye..
    38. Scotty Scotty 0
      And common carp reproduce multiple times a year that alone is a reason to kill everyone u catch
    39. Scotty Scotty 0
      So many fish
    40. Scotty Scotty 0
      The size of the schools of carp i c but that will not happen cuz carp eat w.e they can fit in their mouths so no food for baby/adult native fish n they take up space ...more bio mass a creek can only handle
    41. Scotty Scotty 0
      Gills so carp are bad and they are all invasive, asia Dont listen to the fucking carp huggers that have aloud the common carp to over run our creeks rivers n lakes ...more would love to c a school of walleye
    42. Scotty Scotty 0
      Wrong commn carp destroy habitats just like other asian carp, common carp feeding habits turn up vegetaion n silt, increasing algae in the water, increased silt ...more in the water is not good for native fis
    43. redfish_majek 0
      You are right about the fight though! Haha can't get enough of that reel screaming lol
    44. redfish_majek 0
      An abundance of big common carp. @AFTICA2_FISHING_TEAM
    45. redfish_majek 0
      Thanks! Grass carp are the species that take over lakes and eat all the veg. Common carp when in the wild do no harm whatsoever to bass. Most if not all great wild ...more bass fisheries in the U.S. Have
      Nice fish tho
      Ya they take over many lakes and eat all the vegetation which kills the sunfish and bass but i think bow fishing should be lillegal they make a awesome fight and ...more make your reel scream anytime
    48. redfish_majek 0
    49. doug00g 0
      Great fish!
    50. doug00g 0
      Well to be honest were I live they are taking over a few of are lakes and streams really bad in mo @flomofisher
    51. redfish_majek 0
    52. Bob Bob 0
      Yeah preach for carpπŸ˜‚
    53. redfish_majek 0
      Same here bro! People will one day respect them like they deserve to be respected here in the U.S. In the UK they are HUGE and with the growing fly carp fishing ...more popularity I hope it takes off! @flomofisher
    54. Bob Bob 0
      Respect they deserve
    55. Bob Bob 0
      I don't get why people hate on carp and buffalo so much to me they are an amazing gamefish that pack a punch. I also think bowfishing is pointless,cheap,and ...more should be illegal these fish dont get the
    56. redfish_majek 0
      Thanks man! Sure was.. It fought like a tank slow and strong haha! @WormDrowner
    57. Bruce Sachtleben 0
      That's awesome. Bet that was a fun fight!
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