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Andrew Delaney
8/25/2015 2:26:54 AM

Got this little 5ft tipper right before a storm rolled in. He was foul hooked in the bottom of the mouth and fought relatively hard because of that. Water was ok for clarity. Very rough with a north eastern wind. Took the bait out about 400 yards and didn't wait 5 minutes till this one was munching on my barracuda

Catch Details

Blacktip Shark
Goulds Inlet

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    1. Andrew Delaney 0
      Like on one trip? @CatfishCatcher112
    2. CatfishCatcher112 0
      Nice @redheadfishin how many sharks do you catch
    3. Friderik Kundih 0
      ok that's good, i do same. no dead shark on my watch
    4. Andrew Delaney 0
      Nope. 100% catch and release on all my sharks @Friderik
    5. Friderik Kundih 0
      nice I hope that you don't kill those sharks
    6. Andrew Delaney 0
      St Simons GA @Friderik
    7. CatfishCatcher112 0
      Holy cow that's amazing
    8. Friderik Kundih 0
      wow nice one, where was that
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