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Cody Fuller
8/22/2015 7:58:16 PM

Caught this huge 12 lb 12 oz catfish on my swimbait. Put up a huge fight 10 min maybe? Set the hook and he literally ran me to the other side of the pond. Muddy water. Lots of catfish around. Hot and sunny slight breeze.

Catch Details

Channel Catfish
Elmo Ponds

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    1. Cody Fuller 0
      Thanks @puredemon29 @rthett
    2. Cody Fuller 0
    3. Cody Fuller 0
      Thanks @thett @puredemon29
    4. rthett 0
      Nice cat
    5. puredemon29 0
      o yeah nice catch dude
    6. Cody Fuller 0
      Thanks @seaturtles
    7. Sean Wilms 0
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