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8/15/2015 10:26:54 PM

Fishin lake Somerville with @hayden1234 @mikey_jozwiak catching hybrids and white bass while trolling

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White Bass
Cypress Creek

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    1. fish_destroyer 0
      thanks man
    2. Bryant7 0
      Ok good luck @fish_destroyer
    3. fish_destroyer 0
      hoping to have some fish to post on here on sunday!
    4. fish_destroyer 0
      ok thanks @Bryant7 maybe we'll try that.
    5. Bryant7 0
      Yes the only spots i really know is trolling the hellbenders with pet spoons trailing around the dam at like 2.7 mph @fish_destroyer
    6. fish_destroyer 0
      hey @Bryant7 can you tell me some spots to go catch white bass or catfish on somerville. I'm fixing to go up there Sunday please and thanks
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