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8/6/2015 6:37:03 PM

we were in shallow water, about 8 inches. we were sight casting on grass patches and nailing reds. in the 3 hours we were out there we caught 17 redfish and 2 trout.

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Red (redfish) Drum
Port Mansfield

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    1. stexasbowhunter 0
      I know @tmoonatx
    2. tmoonatx 0
      wow what are the odds we run into each other on social media? lol @stexasbowhunter
    3. stexasbowhunter 0
      Yea @tmoonatx
    4. tmoonatx 0
      we're you the guy who got there before everyone else? @stexasbowhunter
    5. stexasbowhunter 0
      Me to @tmoonatx
    6. tmoonatx 0
      Yes @stexasbowhunter
    7. bristerconser05 0
    8. bristerconser05 0
    9. stexasbowhunter 0
    10. stexasbowhunter 0
      Were u at the saltwater camp they had in ports Mansfield
    11. tmoonatx 0
      thanks! @Jungleexplorer
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