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8/2/2015 6:48:03 PM

Caught a 14 in. Spotted bass along the edge of an eel grass patch. Gear is in the bait description, it was high tide, slightly breezy, and it was sunny

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Spotted Bay Bass
Ocean Beach

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    1. TazmanianChris 0
      Thanks! Im liking this app so far (: @jurssica
    2. jurssica 0
      Cool fish. Welcome to fishing crew!
    3. TazmanianChris 0
      Awesome, thanks for the clarification, changed it the correct one (: @tacticalscissors
    4. tacticalscissors 0
      It's called a spotted bay bass @Anieto
    5. TazmanianChris 0
      No its not, calicco bass are yellowish/goldish with white patterns
    6. Anieto 0
      That's a calico bass
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