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Jacob DeRamus
7/30/2015 10:00:05 PM

12 of the 15 keeper bluegill and cichlids @la_outdoorsman_13 and @louisiana_angler and I caught today. Most of the bigger bluegill seem to be hanging out in deeper water.

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Bayou St John

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    1. bristerconser05 0
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      well tilapia is technically a type of cichlid so that should make sense @redfisher98
    3. Jacob DeRamus 0
      And they taste pretty similar to tilapia @cole1215
    4. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Yeah you have to keep everyone you catch in Louisiana since they're an invasive species @cole1215
    5. cole1215 0
      You eat cichlids
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