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7/24/2015 1:34:35 AM

Looking for a new baitcaster in the 100-130$$ range. I'm looking at the quantum team kvd. Shimano casitas low profile. Abu Garcia revo s. And lews speed spool lfs. Personally I'm an Abu guy but iv liked my shimano, but iv herd about the lews and it sounds great. And Kevin vandam is great angler. Pls help. Tight lines

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. Conner Mahan 0
      get the alderbaran lightest reel on the market
    2. LipHunter 0
      @cadenbrugger good choice. If you want a better Lews for a little bit more money go with the LFS. It's smooth. all my other rods have the Lews Tournament Pro ...more Speed Spools
    3. Jason Delgado 0
      Yup I want another lews
    4. rivasisland25 0
      Lews Speed Spool mine is so smooth
    5. Cadenbrugger 0
      I think I'm going to go with the lews speed spool thanks yall
      I have read alot of bad reviews about the kvd reel on bass pro .com
    7. PeytonWilson 0
      I know i own one love the flippin switch
    8. Cadenbrugger 0
      @PeytonWilson that's just what the reel is called
    9. simmsrenegade61 0
      I'm personally all lews or shimano. You can't go wrong with either of them.
    10. PeytonWilson 0
    11. PeytonWilson 0
      Kvd doesnt use the PT. He uses the 450$ Quantams
    12. Cadenbrugger 0
      Thanks @babzhjxjxj and@htgaddis_ and @musicCitybass
    13. Cadenbrugger 0
      Thanks @topwater_beast
    14. MusicCityBass 0
    15. htgaddis_ 0
      Lews live mine i order all mine off of tackle warehouse i wouldnt even think about switching to another brand
    16. Will Nemanich 0
      Lews, I have 5 of them an there amazing
    17. topwater_beast Woop 0
      lews all the way!!
    18. Cadenbrugger 0
      Thanks @liphunter but is the speed spool any good
    19. LipHunter 0
      Lews. That's all I run and I will never go to a different brand.
    20. Cadenbrugger 0
      Yea @LCraig but my bass pro does not have lews
    21. Lincoln Craigge 0
      You can't wrong with either one seems like the lews has a little more distance but that probably wouldn't matter to much
    22. Cadenbrugger 0
      Thanks @jasondel I'm feeling more for the Abu but every one says lews
    23. Jason Delgado 0
      I looked at a few reviews earlier this year and I ended up getting a revo SX. I like it but I loooove my lews. Oh and I was gonna get the KVD but the bass pro shop ...more didn't have it in left handed
    24. Cadenbrugger 0
      And thanks @LCraig
    25. Cadenbrugger 0
      @Esgar272 yes it is. @TheREELdeal I'm going to use it for every thing with rather 15 pound Mano or 20 pound braid, gear ratio 5 or 7
    26. Andrew Alonzo 0
      it really depends on what your going to use it for line,rod, gear ratio etc....
    27. Andrew Alonzo 0
      yes they just came out with it @Esgar272
    28. Lincoln Craigge 0
      I've used Abu more than any thing but I would go with lews in my opinion it's one of the best for the money
    29. Esgar Montalvo 0
      Is the Shimano Casitas a new reel?
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