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7/17/2015 4:08:07 AM

We caught 3-10 pounders last weekend. This is one we took picture of

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Flathead Catfish

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    1. leem311 0
      Only tried night fishing in fresh water once but I think it was too cold. All the fresh water around here prohibits fishing after dark. blegh
    2. flatheadking2003 0
      @leem311 try at night with live bait if you haven't
    3. flatheadking2003 0
      Creek chubs are kinda like shiner minnows but get bigger. Sunfish work good too. I've used 10" ones before and caught flatheads. They like them alive
    4. noah_stpaul 0
      whats creek chub ive been looking for some good catfish bait but the only thing working for me is chickan livers, ive wanted to try blue gill but idk what size to ...more use
    5. leem311 0
      I would prefer to catch bigger cats like that! Dang! I've only gotten 1 big one, but I've got the fever, just no luck.
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