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Andrew Alonzo
6/25/2015 3:03:55 AM

Got my pro team swag today and i just want to send out a big thanks to @mullethead and @matt for making a great app and to all the staff and pro members for giving it a good name. Great things to come and proud to be apart of the pro team!

Catch Details

Great White Shark
Galveston Bay Complex - Other

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psycho shad


    1. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks you too man @ronety @gr82bstr8 yeah man they are great reels i have two before i got my core and chronarch and the only reason i got those was to give a shinano ...more a chance
    2. gr82bstr8 0
      I've never used a daiwa baitcast but like the look of the zillion and thought about trying it out. Glad to hear it's withstand the abuse!
    3. Tyrone Smith 0
      Congrats. You deserve it
    4. Andrew Alonzo 0
      i love it had it for going on 3 years and its a tank, ive beat it to heck but it still performs like it did out of the box. @gr82bstr8 @stagefight thanks man!
    5. Marcus Lane 0
    6. gr82bstr8 0
      sorry, the zillion
    7. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks man, appreciate it! @Reel_Smooth
    8. Andrew Alonzo 0
      which coastal the zillion or exceler? @gr82bstr8
    9. Reel_Smooth 0
      Congrats bud! Welcome to the team
    10. gr82bstr8 0
      I noticed your profile doesn't show the pro emblem either. I think @matt is working on getting that fixed.....btw, how do you like that daiwa coastal?
    11. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks guys it feels pretty good lol @Slightchop @ReelGame
    12. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Welcome to the Pro Team
    13. michael michael 0
    14. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks guys @txfisherman713 @gr82bstr8
    15. Txfisherman713 R 0
    16. gr82bstr8 0
      Congrats man!👍🏻
    17. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks @MagicYaker @matt yeah man more blerts are gonna come now
    18. Gtats!!!
    19. Matt Dobson 0
      Welcome aboard man. Thanks for the compliments. Let's keep the community strong with great info!
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