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Andrew Alonzo
6/23/2015 4:30:53 PM

SURF REPORT: Went to galveston to check the surf and the water is still not ideal for fishing. Muddy brown water for the first 50 to 60 yards. Then green water for the next 20, followed by the blue water. A few more days of a good south wind should blow the green water back in. Surf was rought today and we just caught a few whitings from the beach, not worth wading in that 1 to 2ft swells!

Catch Details

Spotted (Speckled) Trout
Galveston Island Beach

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    1. Matt Dobson 0
      Thanks for sharing man!
    2. randall2222 0
      Sweet, thanks man! I might be heading to bolivar or galveston here in the next few days. Ill let you know how it goes
    3. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks @jurssica @randall2222 yeah been waiting for it lay down like it did a few weeks ago, but ill let you know if it heats up!
    4. randall2222 0
      Ive been on the hunt for some specks in the surf for the past couple weeks. Let me know if it heats back up or the water greens up
    5. jurssica 0
      Awesome info and update!!
    6. Andrew Alonzo 0
      thanks @randall2222 and @Reel_Smooth we didn't think about that we were on the hunt for specks lol but next time we will definitely give it a shot!
    7. Reel_Smooth 0
      Great info! Should of thrown live mullet around the 6" range. Reds love that water
    8. randall2222 0
      Great info.
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