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texasfishingkid kid
6/22/2015 2:51:46 PM

turned out better than I thought. went to the levee but it was to windy and tide was wrong but someone did catch a sheepshead. at the pier my dad caught the gafftop (it broke his rod)and I caught 13 croaker.theg kept stealing the shrimp so I cut the tail off of one of my old gulp.they couldn't get it off the hook and worked far better than shrimp

Catch Details

Atlantic Croaker
Sabine Lake

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shrimp and gulp swimming mullet tail kastking Royale w/12 xl trilene, 6'6 rod Berkley fusion 206 w/20 lb mono


    1. Garrett_Newman 0
      Decent gaftopsail cat
    2. texasfishingkid kid 0
      it was 25 Inches
    3. Bluegill_Hunter 0
      @theSturgeonGeneral13 bro check out the size of that G-top.
    4. sugarypinksand 0
      So much fun
    5. texasfishingkid kid 0
      yeah they were mostly small. I can't wait till later in the summer they'll be huge. @matt
    6. Matt Dobson 0
      Looks like a pretty decent size croaker. Yeah, the shrimp thieves are annoying. Sounds like the gulp worked well. I've used cut squid and it definitely stays ...more better than shrimp.
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