A photo of Geoffrey Polefko's catch

Caught By

Geoffrey Polefko
6/14/2015 12:45:34 AM


Catch Details

Cypress Creek

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praying that the cops find that @$$****


    1. jurssica 0
      Any luck?
    2. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      Yah if I had found them he would have gotten a nice sleepover In the hospital. and thanks. @paul_376
    3. Paul 0
      I hate thieves, if I can find any I will donate them to you.
    4. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      Yah who knows we saw what he looked like a gave a discription to the cop. hopefully they atleast find some of my stuff. @Cale
    5. Cale Ellingson 0
      And I hope karma hits the other person
    6. Cale Ellingson 0
      Ahh that sucks! I hope you figure something out
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