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texasfishingkid kid
6/13/2015 2:04:56 AM

finally got line for my reel and picked up some h2o express MOJO shrimp. if anyone has any experience with the shrimp please share. I like this line b/c it's cheap and has never failed me or caused me problems. I hope to go to Sabine next week for reds and hopefully trout

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Red (redfish) Drum
Sabine Lake

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money kastking Royale 12lb Berkley trilene xl


    1. texasfishingkid kid 0
      thanks @redfisher98
    2. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Mojo shrimp are a great bait. Just as good as the vudu shrimp. Fish it under a popping cork on a spinning rod and you should manage some fish.