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jordan lezcano
6/8/2015 7:34:28 PM

One of nice dolphin we got Saturday

Catch Details

Dorado / Mahi Mahi / Dolphin
Ponce Inlet

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    1. jordan lezcano 0
    2. marcsmanben 0
      Yea that's what I was think as well. Might just have to stay closer to shore and try for some kings
    3. jordan lezcano 0
    4. jordan lezcano 0
      Would have to go on a good day for sure and soon dolphin season is pretty much over but we did see quite a few out there last week
    5. marcsmanben 0
      Yea my friends dad offered to take us out on his 17ft key west and was wondering if we could make it out far enough to catch some dolphin
    6. jordan lezcano 0
      No problem u going out there? @marcsmanben
    7. marcsmanben 0
      Alright thanks!
    8. jordan lezcano 0
      40 miles out like 180 ft of water @marcsmanben
    9. marcsmanben 0
      How far out and how deep of water were yall in?
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