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6/7/2015 11:47:46 PM

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Spotted (Speckled) Trout

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    1. Wyatt12 0
    2. WalkerZander 0
      That is somewhat true but not all the time. I have done very very good on windy days
    3. WalkerZander 0
      Yeah exactly @Wyatt12 when there is calm weather for a time the fishing starts to get bad. Some people think that the calmer it is the more fish u catch
    4. Wyatt12 0
      Ya that's what I have heard the wind needs to blow for a few day and then calm back down @WalkerZander
    5. WalkerZander 0
      The water has got too clear for surf now. Past week it was amazing and now it slowed down a lot
    6. miguel moreno 0
      I fished at the surf at surf side close to San Luis pass check my recent blerts bro did good on specks
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