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Dirk Diggler
6/6/2015 8:40:00 PM

I catch these Largemouth all the time. I just don't publish them in a blert because they're boring fish for me. Check my blerts. I catch many species. Too many of you crying haters on this app.

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Largemouth Bass
Great Sacandaga Lake

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    1. Dirk Diggler 0
      @Ninja_Haze That was a catch and release. Perhaps you should go sit down somewhere. I am uninterested in your comments.
    2. Ninja_Haze 0
      You catch a lot of sharks which shouldn't be taken and kill LMB which is the most popular GAME fish in the world. Thats not something to be proud of my man.
    3. Dirk Diggler 0
      @Clay2506 ...they're the easiest fish in the world to catch. Boring to me. Check my blerts, I catch many species. Catch something worth my while to glance at.
    4. Clay2506 0
      Hey you finally caught a bass good job
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