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6/6/2015 7:33:30 PM

Temp in mid 60s and overcast after several days of rain. Caught a bunch of croaker out at NOB, not on the pier. The bigger ones went after the Gulp, while the squid rarely went out without coming back in with a fish. The larger ones were caught when I was trying to flounder fish at the bottom. Tide was just coming back in.

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Atlantic Croaker
Chesapeake Bay

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squid or gulp chartreuse jerk shad


    1. leem311 0
      @seaturtles could have been. I saw a guy using gulp and pulling in flounder a couple of weeks ago and they were tearing off the tails.
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      I had two hits that ripped my gulp in half that could have been good sized but they were only pulling on the tail
    3. leem311 0
      @seaturtles yeah, there weren't as many out as there have been, but that's mostly what we saw. There were huge flounder, but they either spit the hook, ...more or broke the line just before we got em in.
    4. Sean Wilms 0
      that's all I got today kayaking Rudee, nothing else seemed to be around
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