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Scotty Scotty
5/29/2015 1:46:34 AM

Heading out of Celeron, any tips on where to find fish? Gonna try to get some fish for the deep fryer tmrw.(perch,crappie,walleye, n pike) are my targets anyone know some honey holes?

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Yellow Perch
Chautauqua Lake

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Kayak Fishing


    1. JustOutHavingFun 0
      I'm heading out tomarrow, meeting at celeron around 8am. Jumping on my kayak and heading out to grass island if you wanna go your welcomed! @ RiverIVIonSterS
    2. JustOutHavingFun 0
      Heard rumors there were getting lots of walleye off of grass island right of the weedline. @RiverIVIonSterS
    3. Donald Myers 0
      Are you on a boat?
    4. Donald Myers 0
      Under a float
    5. Donald Myers 0
      Crappie already ran the canals. After that I can't ever find them consistently. Pan fish should be abundant. I'd hit the side of monkey island. I've ...more pulled some donks out right there. Small tube jig
    6. JustOutHavingFun 0
      I've been hitting some bass under the summer wind on my lunch break in celeron. Using white twister tale. Other then that not too many crappie or perch yet... ...more @RiverIVIonSterS
    7. Scotty Scotty 0
      @DMyeWNY @JustOutHavingFun
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