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Christian Cisar
5/25/2015 5:20:56 PM

rough day on the water. really choppy and windy so I decided to anchor the boat and hop on the jetties. using shrimp, threw some weight on there because of the rough water. key was to cast 20 yards off the jetties and let the wind/ current bring the shrimp back toward the jetties. this snook apparently liked my technique. hard to keep it off the rocks as it continually tried to cut me off .

Catch Details

Fat Snook
Tampa Bay

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live shrimp. 3/0 circle hook, 15lb braid with 20lb leader. daiwa ballistic 3000. st.Croix inshore mojo. sunny with strong wind.


    1. Christian Cisar 0
      thank ya sir. @ReelGame
    2. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Great Catch
    3. Christian Cisar 0
      thank you ladies! @gkendus @jurssica
    4. jurssica 0
      Nice snook!
    5. gkendus 0
      Nice snook
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