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5/25/2015 1:06:15 PM

I'm going to fish the worm in sort of clear water there is a little bit of a cold front coming in water is about 62-68 degrees I'm fishing a pond with some rocks. And a little bit of vegetation not much cloudy skies

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Largemouth Bass

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Best way to fish a 5 in watermelon color red flake kvd finesse worm


    1. gkendus 0
      best for you. Try out a few different techniques and see which ones the bass like best👍🏼
    2. gkendus 0
      I always cast and let it hit the bottom, and then pop it once or twice and reel a little. I can feel the weight hitting the bottom after each time I pop it. That's ...more what I would do but whatever works
    3. WPS_fishing 0
      I'm texas-rigging it I just mean what is the best technique. Ex. Flipping it, dragging it