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5/13/2015 9:40:03 PM

Babes bought me my 9/10 weight fly reel I've been eying for the past two years! She is literally amazing! (I've had a 9 weight rod am just haven't had the money to get a matching reel) but she found a way! She's definetly a keeper! Sorry if you don't like mushy stuff but it definetly hit home! I love her and wanted to let y'all know.

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Red (redfish) Drum
Apalachicola Bay

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Best fiancé ever!


    1. TheDirtyPelican 0
      I've caught a few 14 and 15 inchers but I never caught a big trout so it'd be nice to break the 18 inch mark. @flybob
    2. dillon juarez 0
      Trout is pretty fun the Browns fight a lot better IMO but I've only caught one
    3. TheDirtyPelican 0
    4. TheDirtyPelican 0
      Haha I wish we will probably go to the mountains so looks like brown trout and bows for me. I don't mind though. She can get on em to with spinning gear though. ...more She slays bass here in florisA.
    5. dillon juarez 0
      Well the peacock bass spawn starts about that time in Brazil lol
    6. TheDirtyPelican 0
      Fall of 2016! Then honeymoon to somewhere I can catch something crazy on fly! @flybob
    7. dillon juarez 0
      Sounds like you need to marry her lol
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