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5/8/2015 11:20:37 AM

Every time I catch a fish on my fly the back part slides down the hook how can I fix that?

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Bluegill Sunfish

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    1. tbailey007 0
      Ok thanks @MusicCityBass
    2. MusicCityBass 0
    3. MusicCityBass 0
      Put a dab of head cement back there (you can find it at the fly shop for a couple bucks I use wapsi) and also get a bobbin
    4. tbailey007 0
      Ok thanks @abuley34
    5. Austin Buley 0
      Idk about flies but to keep the skirt/trailer on bass jigs I use super glue like @jurssica mentioned i imagine it should work for flies
    6. jurssica 0
      I would personally super glue. One of my nymphs started to untangle and I just superglued it lol.
    7. tbailey007 0
      No it's a popper fly and the part that looks like legs are sliding down the hook @Cowboy713
    8. Chris Skinner 0
      As @flybob and @wyldechylde77 said, just need to make sure they are tied nice and tight, a little head cement or zapagap never hurt either lol
    9. Chuck LaBruna 0
      @flybob Yeah, that's the most likely scenario is that you aren't tying them tight enough or aren't finishin them correctly with a few hitch knots or ...more whip finishes
    10. dillon juarez 0
      Maybe the materials aren't tight enough @Cowboy713 and @wyldechylde77 should know more
    11. tbailey007 0
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