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5/7/2015 2:57:49 AM

Threw a small Swimbait and some cranks looking for fish on fast baits but eventually I gave in and started throwing slow. As soon as I did, I was catching every few casts. I'm a fast fishing kinda guy but even I realize that sometimes those slow, light plastics are very necessary for catching fish. Sorry for the long arm btw, fish was probably just under 3.

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Largemouth Bass

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Zoom trick worm (Brown w green tail) on a 4/0 hook with a 1/4 oz bullet weight


    1. AllWaterLife 0
      Tim enjoys long walks on the beach and being a complete troll @drew_s_9 @timideler
    2. drew_s_9 0
      No way @timideler it's around 2.5
    3. timideler 0
      More like a 1.5 pounder