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5/6/2015 7:07:50 AM

My P.B. White sturgeon.. Thing swung down river hard witch is rare from what I've seen. Especially on in outgoing tide. Lost a few good ones recently. So pinned drag and boosted he turned.. Pulled took 20 yards.. Turnt him open the drag and chased the leader 2 land him.. Good times! 🍻happy cinco!!

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Green Sturgeon
Willamette River

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Squid/ shimano tallus ulua series. Penn senator 4/0. 50 lb Ande mono.


    1. @1lastkast thanks for the info I ended up using your pattern with rip baits on the breakwall and snagged a 4klb omilu and a roi check my blerts thanks again for ...more the heads up!!
    2. 1lastkast 0
      If you fish crank or slash baits FAST erratic retrieve Papio have good sight and can haul ass. Don't let them inspect it make em bite it
    3. 1lastkast 0
      @Basselstiltskin dang. I missed this comment! U still there if so squid strips Carolina rigged or a clear bubble float with a swivel and on both as long a leader ...more as possible.
    4. Nice sturgeon! @1lastkast gonna be hitting your old stomping grounds in Hilo this week any shore fishing suggestions?
    5. Gabe Mitchell 0
      aghh, sounds like the same rush of pulling big Reds and sharks from the surf. When they see sandbars, hold on!!
    6. 1lastkast 0
      Good times on the senator 4/0
    7. 1lastkast 0
      @MulletHead thanks man! Yeah he had heart. Hooked him and he was dead weight so I could tell he was big.. First 15/20 yards was easy.. Then he saw the bank and got ...more onry... Had some solid runs!!
    8. 1lastkast 0
      @seaturtles if your ever in Portland 100%.!!🎣
    9. garrett weiss 0
      Cool sound s fun
    10. 1lastkast 0
      @garrettjweiss there a good time! Kinda unpredictable some roll others jump.. 👌
    11. 1lastkast 0
      @King_Fisher thanks man!
    12. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Boom! Congrats. Good fighter?
    13. Sean Wilms 0
      if im ever in that area you gotta hook me up on one if those prehistoric beasts, aight? nice catch
    14. garrett weiss 0
      I've always wanted to catch one
    15. King_Fisher 0
      Awesome fish and congrats on the PB!
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