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5/4/2015 1:46:18 AM

Perfect weather 80 degrees 5 mph wind from the north. Decided to leave the bass alone and dunk some bait for sturgeon with some brews. Slow day even though the tide on the river was incoming. WAs able to land this sturgeon even though brews became the objective.🍻🎣

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Green Sturgeon
Clackamas River

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Squid. Gamakatsu 6/0 barbless octopus circle hook. Shimano Tallis ulua series rod. Penn senator 4/0


    1. sugarypinksand 0
    2. Tim Knecht 0
      Nice dinosaur!!
    3. King_Fisher 0
      Great fish man! Also you can edit your blert by clicking the box in the top right corner of the screen.
    4. Sean Wilms 0
      awesome fish man!
    5. 1lastkast 0
      Willamette not clackamas.. Sorry
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