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Christian Cisar
5/3/2015 1:47:27 AM

Awesome day on the flats. low tide, and strong wind pushing me down the flats. while drifting in about 2ft of water I noticed a water bird get scared, immediately seeing this red right behind it I casted a shrimp 5ft in front of it. felt a few taps on my line, then the fight was on. baitfish were in sand pockets and usually a red would be close by. most reds were in 2-3ft of water. 80° and sunny.

Catch Details

Red (redfish) Drum
Tampa Bay

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shrimp 2/0 circle hook. 7ft st.Croix inshore mojo, Daiwa ballistic. 15lb mono 20lb leader.


    1. waterhammer 0
      Nice man!