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5/3/2015 1:12:24 AM

Planning on buying a gallon of this bait but wanted to know if any of yall have used it and what yall think

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Channel Catfish
Potomac River

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    1. James Scott 0
      ive used it and caught a few catfish on it work really good when its hot out .the fish i have caught on it were a little on the smaller side but good eating size
    2. Collin Collin 0
      CJ's Catfish bait works very well in the right place but I personally don't like to mess with fibrous stink baits
    3. brandon harris 0
      It's as good as secret 7 , but I like it better because it can be used on a bare treble. It works best with #6 treble.
    4. brandon harris 0
      It's as good as secret 7.
    5. dallin dallin 0
      I like secret 7 better... Same ingredients I just like the consistency better. Sudden impact is fibrous, secret 7 is pasty which I like for bait holders
    6. Powers911 0
      Hey same here. Let me know if it's worth buying.
    7. KingofCats 0
      Haven't tried that before, let me know how it works
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